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The Nost

A thrilling and magical tale of humanity’s creation, destruction, and the war waged across centuries to control them. – Max Watson, author of Chains of Nurture

Jack hears a voice other people don’t. It whispers in his ear, telling him to commit acts of violence against the humans around him. Ranting and raving about the need to control and suppress them, stop them from spreading across the earth. He always found this curious because it was far too late for that. And didn’t the voice realize he was human? After years of resisting the voice, in a moment of clarity, Jack finally ends it all. With the twitch of his wrist, his motorcycle careens headfirst into a tree. The lights go out.

But moments later they’re back on. The creator has other plans for him, and she won’t take no for an answer. Apparently, this isn’t his first life and it won’t be his last. This time, though, there is a chance to end the war he doesn’t remember fighting. And this time, there is a chance to save the new humans he’s fought for since the beginning of time. All he has to do is find a girl, bond with her, awaken to his true Nostshen ability and save the world. It turns out, he might not be as human as he thought. And the reality he knows might be built on a bedrock of ancient technology he doesn’t understand.

Will he answer the call?

Will he finally break his cycle of rebirth and atone for his sins in this life and the ones before it?

Or maybe he just needs to get over it.

Follow Jack as he discovers the foundation our world was built on and how the creators are still fighting to control it. Fantasy and myth, he discovers, are often tales we create to explain science and technology we don’t understand.

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